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Considering a Talbot Express - am I crazy?

Hi, I've been looking at campers for the past couple of months. The VW T25 appeals a great deal, but I'm increasingly taken with the idea of the Talbot Express. I like the look of them and the added space they offer.
Is this a crazy idea - the van will also be my only vehicle though I won't use it very often for very short runs as I live in town. Also, are the top bed areas suitable for two children - I often see them advertised as good for two small children.
As I said in my post in the Introduce Yourself section I would like something reliable - I'm no mechanic and may be driving on my own with my son at times.
I've been told I should look out for a diesel version.
I do not have a big budget otherwise I'd consider something like a VW T4 conversion, but they all seem to be 8K minimum, also often rigged out in a way that doesn't appeal to me.
Advice welcome!


Hello there

I'm afraid that I can't comment on the suitability of the top bunks for children as I've never had any of either (!) - but I would definitely recommend a diesel version of these vehicles. They are always more reliable and economical - especially on short runs.

I've had both of the petrol types and the diesel version of the T25 and the latter was a far superior vehicle I always found. Spares are easily obtained for the VW too as it's a classic design - the diesel shares its engine with the Golf. The Talbot is a bit physically larger it's true, but not much - and feels a more modern vehicle to drive. Both types rust an awful lot everywhere though (as does the T4 actually) so beware of this in a potential purchase.

Hope this helps

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hi interested to know if you

hi interested to know if you purchased a talbot. I have just got one and hoping we got a bargain!!

Thanks for your comments

Thanks for your comments Bluebird, it's good to hear from someone who's had petrol and diesel versions as you can compare. Anyone else have thoughts about Talbot Express in terms fo reliability, and general user friendliness compared to VWs?

The first generation Express,

The first generation Express, J5, C25 and Ducato, same car /w different badge.
Have proven to last. But nowadays mileage, rust and lack of maintenance have taken their toll on most cars. Not as high of a fixed value as a VW. Should definately be considered, however a newer generation car will have better brakes, mileage, safety, comfort, hp, etc and weighs 1000 kg less.

If you plan to restore and build your own van, the price of restoring a 20y old car and restoring a 10y old wont differ that much. Thus I'd reccomend the younger model. PSA and VW both make great vans. The problem lies in finding one thats not mistreated. My 2 cents.

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talbot expres

i have had two of these in petrol never had any trouble with them some rust always been able to get parts 25 miles to the gallon easy to work on easy to understand the engine and any work that needs to be done such as servicing and so on like driving a block of flats on an open road on a windy day  but store all your heavey stuff on floor during journeys so not to make it top heavy store any weight between axles to help keep it stable i am about to sell mine as giving up rollig but it will still give some one some good hollidays

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Talbot Express 1000 1991

My van is almost 25 years old and built like a tank--my garage always says that these campers always have'" good clean bottoms"----meaning very little rust---later models were lower on the ground and do suffer with rust

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Talbot Express

Hi there

I've been dreaming of a Camper Van and thought I wanted a classic VW camper but after seeing a Talbot Express, I love the interior, it's space, storage and facilities plus the bedroom above the driving area. However, each time I try to search on line, all I come up with are second hand listings. I want to think and dream big and start with looking at the new ranges. Can anyone guide me on who makes them and ideally, where I can go view a whole load of them. New or almost new is the dream. Also, I heard the fibre glass ones rust less etc because there are no seams. This makes sense to me, but do the new models still use fibre glass? I looked at VW camper vans after initially visiting a park displaying mobile homes which although lovely were way to big. The Talbot Express seems to me to be the best in regard to a manageable size (in terms of not being too anti social when parking up places and managing driving it around roundabouts and reversing etc so I feel confident when driving it).

Hope someone can advise. I'd like to access a site where I can do virtual tours or at least look at a range of interiors.

best wishes, Lorraine

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