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Considering a Talbot Express - am I crazy?

Hi, I've been looking at campers for the past couple of months. The VW T25 appeals a great deal, but I'm increasingly taken with the idea of the Talbot Express. I like the look of them and the added space they offer.
Is this a crazy idea - the van will also be my only vehicle though I won't use it very often for very short runs as I live in town. Also, are the top bed areas suitable for two children - I often see them advertised as good for two small children.
As I said in my post in the Introduce Yourself section I would like something reliable - I'm no mechanic and may be driving on my own with my son at times.
I've been told I should look out for a diesel version.
I do not have a big budget otherwise I'd consider something like a VW T4 conversion, but they all seem to be 8K minimum, also often rigged out in a way that doesn't appeal to me.
Advice welcome!