I have compiled some tips to help your camping experiences.


  1. Take care with tap water

    Almost every tap supplying water in western Europe is safe to drink from.  Water quality is very high.  However I have found that the water supply on some campsites can be heavily treated with chlorines and other chemicals.  It is always worth checking a water supply before you use it, but in western Europe you will generally be fine.

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  • Anonymous's picture

    Can't work out if I should buy a camping set or just go to local hardware store for a set of pans.
    Probably only need 2pans, one fryer and a kettle?

    Dec 23, 2013
  • Darren's picture

    If you have the room to store them go for normal pans. Camping pans are always a bit of a compromise.
    2pans, one fryer and a kettle sounds perfect.

    Dec 24, 2013
  • katie's picture

    what I do is buy a few rolls of that gripy mat. you can get it cheap from discount shops. use it by cutting it into any shape you fancy. and anything you put on top stays there. cut coasters for mugs. or cut a large rectangle to put hot trays and pans on your work tops. Also cook some simple meals and freeze them into microwaveable and freezable containers. And when you feel peckish but not wanting to slave over a hot stove. pop one in the microwave for a few mins.

    Aug 10, 2010
  • Sally's picture

    Just found this website and it's been very helpful. Thank you.

    Apr 03, 2008

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