Here are some tips on saving money when camping.
  1. Free camp

    By free camping, as well as staying in campsites you can reduce your daily accommodation costs. Free camping is tolerated, and even encouraged, in some areas. If you find a beautiful and safe location free camping can be the best part of a trip

  2. Stock up at supermarkets

    Convenience stores in small towns are often much more expensive than supermarkets. By stocking up at supermarkets, when you pass them, you can save a lot of money. If you have a large vehicle with lots of storage then you can fill your cupboards, which is particularly useful if you are going to spend long periods of time free camping, away from civilisation.

  3. Check campsite prices

    The price of a campsite does not always reflect it's quality. There are many great campsites with great facilities, that are cheaper than nearby campsites. It does pay to look around before using a campsite.