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    Darren, do you know much about Leyland Daf Convoy campers - am looking to buy a van, was going to go with safe and easy to replace parts of a mercedes but there is a nice looking one on gumtree that i'm going to check out tomorrow. our plans are to travel europe so want a reliable van and one that can be fixed, parts replaced etc if necessary whilst away anywhere from croatia to poland to spain. any thoughts?!!

    Feb 18, 2008
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    buy a transit mate

    Feb 17, 2011
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    I've not owned a Leyland DAF, but I had thought about buying one. I do know that they are much more basic inside than other vehicles, such as Mercedes, but they are therefore much easier to fix should a problem arise. I see a lot of old ones on the road in the UK, and have seen many people recommending them on the internet. The Royal Mail and the Army use them in the UK. That is surely a good recommendation. I would test drive a few, and if you like the way they are I would go for it. Parts should not be too big a problem, but you may not find quite as many Leyland parts in Croatia as you would Mercedes.

    Feb 18, 2008
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    I'm looking to hire a camper-van for a short break in August, even better if it could be a VW. A trial before we buy test-run. Can anyone advise on hire companies near London?

    May 23, 2008
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    Hello, I don't have a camper van yet and really want to borrow one just for 4 days (July 29th to Aug 2nd). I can't seem to find a single site where you can borrow one - except a site which does 'retro' camper vans at enormous prices. Are there any 'camper-van-sharing' sites - or places where you can just hire one from an individual rather than from a huge company?
    If anyone out there has one we could hire we'd be really grateful. We're very responsible and would take good care of it. Thanks,

    Feb 18, 2009
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    Tim Aldiss (not verified)

    I've written up a post on the current options for choice when thinking about the new continental style range of fixed rear bed high tops there are on the market as a useful resource for people like myself in the market for one. As there doesn't seem to be a central resource for this kind of thing I thought I would try and become one!

    I'm an ex-converter myself and appreciate the effort you have out into this site. I would also happily welcome any constructive criticism of the resource that I have put together here:

    Mar 02, 2009
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    Hi Tim

    Have visited your site many times. It was a source of inspiration for my own conversion.

    Thanks for the great resource. I shall link to it on other relevant pages on this site soon.

    Mar 03, 2009
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    is an oven a useful item in a camper-van.

    Jul 06, 2010


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