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hi im a newbie hi there

240 hook up

hi does anyone know anyone that install 240 hook up to a campervan and is it expensive thanks bill

how far do you want to go

I suppose it will vary depending just how integrated into your camper you need it to be. If your going for a properly mounted external socket feeding back through to a professional charging and distribution system then its going to have a reasonable bit of expense involved. On the other end of the scale if you're just running a extension lead in through the door and plugging your gear straight into that then its going to be much cheaper.

240 hook up

hi thanks very much reguards bill

I'm going to use a proper

I'm going to use a proper part Preg sparky to do mine. (I work in an electrical wholesalers, so know more sparkies than you can shake a stick at, and of course favourable staff rates on equip). I'll get a flush 16amp IP rated 3 pin socket with flap to place into the side of the van secured with sikaflex. I'll put in an E-Garage unit and then use the sparky to pop round and connect it all up. I reckon cost= Input socket,Garage unit, cable, patresses, sockets, switches, light fittings and sparkies time...under a hundred quid.

I fitted my own, having not

I fitted my own, having not done it before. I have 12 volts experience though, and fairly confident to do most jobs.
Was quite easy.

If using hookup on the continent you should really get a double poll unit. Like this one.

If only using UK electricity then single pole is OK.

I'll try and write up an article about fitting my unit over the next few days.

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compass calypso

can anyone tell me if the leisure battery in a compass calypso provides power to any of the sockets or is it just the lights?

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