I've had my van for fours years now, its like my own personal anti-depressent. I'm a single mother and feel the restraints of city living constantly. My van gives me the freedom to leave manchester at the drop of hat and i have made the most of it. I've partied with friends in the van for one night piss ups, i've been to glastonbury festival with my kids and with my mates. I travel to wales a lot for short trips but Scotland is my new addiction. I travelled to Mull two years ago. it was a trip where the kids and just picked a direction on the motorway and that is where we ended up. This year i planned it out. Me three kids, the van and the dog all went the outer hebrides and travelled up the islands...it was mind blowing.
I am now looking to book the ferry to the Shetlands sometime in may, this is probably going to be an adult only trip.....excited.

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    Freeeeeedom :)

    Sep 21, 2011
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    Freeeeeedom :)

    Sep 21, 2011
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    Mrs Spanner (not verified)

    I feel the same about our van - as soon as I get in it I start to relax. Best money I ever spent. Sounds like your kids will have loads of happy memories from their childhood too, which is lovely. Ours have left home now and most of our work has dried up with the recession, so we thought what the hell and are now just about to set off on a tour of Europe.

    Hope you have a great time in the Shetlands.

    Sep 25, 2011
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    Strangely I live in Bath and I was in Glas the other day, and Brighton today. Being a Bolton fella and knowing the North West well havent you ever fancied the lakes and peaks plenty of things around that area, both on your door step. Actually I am returning to Bolton in the Summer. I have a VW T4 Richard Holdsworth and a Renault Kangoo.

    John :)

    Feb 12, 2012

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