The Thief Magnet

My new Van arrived on Friday and we went to Lakeside to test it out and do some shopping.

We bought some stuff and then went to IKEA to buy a bed base for the van.
When I came out of IKEA I found that the previous purchases had been stolen. It was only in the light of the next day did I realise that the drivers door look had been pulled out and I hadn’t been stupid and forgotten to lock it.

Insurance for a CamperVan or just a Van.

Insurance is tricky, especially if you are going to be a Van owner which may or may not be a Campervan.

In fact is it a Campervan?
It needs to have a Cooking, eating and washing facilities (gas & running water) to be a camper.

My Van will have a bed, a table, a chair, a cupboard. So its not a camper. So I can't have Motorhome/Camper insurance.

Meet Libby the lipstick coloured Expert

Here she is, delivery due next Thursday.

My old VW is sorely missed

My old VW is sorely missed.
I sold "Swee'Pea" 6 years ago.
Haven't had a good nights sleep (in a van) since.