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battery setup

hi im having problems where something seems to be draining power from my main battery. this is how i have my batteries setup. the box which the positive from the main and leisure battery connects to is the 140amp voltage sensitive relay.does the setup look ok? thanks.

Hi acheswick, Your drawing

Hi acheswick,

Your drawing shows no faults, so I would triple check you wiring especially to the terminals of the voltage sensitive relay. Other than that, you may have a faulty relay...


Is the drain from the battery

Is the drain from the battery a new thing that didn't happend before? Are you using the vehicle as much as before?
Radios drain the battery, as they have a memory that needs feeding with energy.
Also, immobilisers and alarms can be power hungry.

should there not be a feed

should there not be a feed from the negative side of your leisure battry bank back to the chasis. is your voltage sensing relay ajustable? if the trip voltage is set too low it will leave the leasure batteries connected to the starter battery once the alternator stops spinning. the different brands/capacities/discharge rates could certainly cause noticable drain when there is no alternater feed comming in.
had some thing similar on a friends van with a voltage sensing relay, exept it was out in the other direction and wasn't letting charge through when the engine was running so the leasure battery was loosing charge and not charging back up.

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