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12v LED Internal Light

Does anyone know of anywhere to get 12v internal LED light for the van that would light it sufficiently.
Was looking online but cant tell how good/ bright their LED lights are.

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Try Ikea, they sell packs of

Try Ikea, they sell packs of 4 which are 12v, I have used these and they are plenty bright enough in my T4. They also sell mini 12v strip lights.


They have gone up since I bought mine though - £49.99

Hope this helps

LED lighting

Hello Frankieboy,
See the lighting section of this site for a few more ideas.
My post under "household lighting" has links to suppliers of the units I've used. 4 led bulbs in My Renault Trafic give enough light for most things, even reading the newspapers.And the whole lot uses less than 6 watts of power
so the drain on the leisure battery is very small
Hope this helps,

The cheap strips of 12v leds

The cheap strips of 12v leds from Hong-kong on Ebay are plenty bright enough and less than 2 quid mostly and come in every colour you can think of.

Good suggestion. I've just

Good suggestion. I've just ordered some myself.

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Just bought

Just bought these
They can clip into the supplied fitting or into a hole cut in panel/trim etc.

You could try getting your

You could try getting your LED lights from here:


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Lighting and general Leisure battery issues

I would like some info as have just purchased myself a ford transit, part converted. I'm fine with the kitting out bit, just wanted some info on what is the best Leisure battery for my usage? I am planning to go away for 3 weeks abroad and want a battery to power in order of what i need most!?

a fridge, is already installed 12 v. I don't know what your take is on this? Is it majorly essential? I feel it would be for hot countries, or possibly just buy food as we go? I have thought a cool box would suffice, but then you would always have to top up with ice etc.

lighting, - I current;y have none, would want it for the evenings? or at least have the tv on possibly for a few hours in evening.

charge my phone, defo.

small tv but not essential.

having running water for washing up, have a sink already installed, would be nice but not a mega issue as would just boil up water and always carry water.

my cooker runs off gas and so does my oven so thats fine.

I'd like to know if this is all fine on a leisure battery? I understand that i would need a 12 v tv, not sure about my phone?

also does the leisure battery recharge itself from the running of the engine?

How much running time with fridge always on? also how much time with lights?

If anyone can answer a few of the points that would be appreciated?


Hi We need to know what


We need to know what fridge you have installed. The make and model and power usage. Is it s 12v only fridge, or does it run on gas as well?

Are you looking to install the leisure battery and fridge properly into the van, or are you after a quick and cheap solution?

For mobile phone charging it's generally easiest to use a 12v - 240v inverter.

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